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Yerba Shot

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  • ORGANIC NATURAL AND VEGAN; Our yerba mate matcha energy booster drink combines only the finest quality organically sourced ingredients from across the world through farmers and growers adhering to natural cultivation methods
  • MORE ANTIOXIDANTS THAN GREEN TEA; Yerba mate studies have show that it contains more antioxidants and 90% more metabolism boosting nutrients than green tea; Why not use alongside your regular green tea and reap the benefits
  • PREMIUM BRAZILIAN YERBA MATE; Sourced from the pristine forests of Brazil, harvested by hand, dried, and freshly ground into a fine delicate powder so you can enjoy as a matcha consuming the whole leaf and all of the benefits
  • ENERGY BOOST WITHOUT THE JITTERS; Can’t stand the crash associated with coffee? then we have your answer!; no jitters, no crash, contains Less caffeine than coffee and known to work in a similar way so you can tune in with focus
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE; Can be prepared in the same way as you would a regular matcha but can also be used quicker due to it's super fine texture making it easy to use and mix into your favourite drinks, smoothies, and foods

Ingredients: Organic Brazilian Yerba Mate Matcha (100%).

Servings per jar: 30 Servings (40g).

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