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Ginger Shot

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  • ORGANIC NATURAL AND VEGAN FRIENDLY - Our ginger shot combines only the finest quality ingredients sourced from across the world through farmers and growers adhering to natural cultivation methods; we also support organisations dedicated to a fair but sustainable future for our planet and the amazing people who grow the superfoods we love; this ensures our health drink shots are highly nutritious and delicious
  • MADE WITHOUT THE SYNTHETICS - Our ginger and turmeric shots use a powerful combination of ingredients direct from mother nature which naturally contain known essential immune booster vitamins such as c and zinc with the addition of black pepper for increased absorption and bioavailability; the natural vitamin c content of the included baobab is known to contain up to 10 times that of oranges making it one of the highest amounts from any fruit
  • SAVE TIME MAKING AND MORE TIME TAKING - Save time by simply mixing our ready-made ginger and turmeric shot powder with a small amount of water or beverage of choice and be able to take on the go if needed so you are never left without; our premium recyclable and reusable amber glass jar helps filter ultraviolet light and preserve freshness keeping your ginger shots at their best wherever you may go
  • EXPERTLY FORMULATED WITHOUT THE NASTIES - Developed alongside naturopathic nutritionists to ensure we delivered a delicious tasting product using a powerful combination of ingredients used and praised by health and wellness practitioners; be at peace knowing our formula is thoroughly tested for toxins and heavy metals and completely plant-based so no need to worry about any hidden fillers or anything artificial
  • GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY - Why pay a small fortune on heavily processed ginger and turmeric supplement capsules with unnecessary added fillers, preservatives, maltodextrin, heavy metals, artificial ingredients, and other nasties; Why not consume them more naturally and cost-effective in a quick and easy health drink powder shot like this; get your daily dose in 1 small health shot which can contain the equivalent amount of up to 3 capsules by weight

Ingredients - Organic Ginger, Organic Turmeric, Organic Baobab, Organic Licorice, Organic Black pepper.

Contains - 40g Ginger shot powder for 30 shot servings.