Clenzo Purify 14-28 Day Superfood Loose Leaf Detox Tea - 100g

Clenzo Purify 14-28 Day Superfood Loose Leaf Detox Tea - 100g

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Clenzo Should be Your First Choice For a Healthy Detox

- Contains 12 Natural Ingredients
- No Laxative Effect - Natural ingredients For a Natural Cleanse
- Formulated by Experts
- Great Value For Money
- No Dangerous Senna Which is Harmful To Your Health
- 14-28 Days or More Detox
- An Established Brand that Cares About Their Products and Customers
- Has No Harmful Ingredients
- Supports A Detox Diet
- Contains Superfoods Known To Support Detoxification

Clenzo is Not a Laxative

Most of the weight loss teas on the market contain senna, which is a laxative made from the dried pods of the cassia tree. Senna works by irritating the lining of the large intestine and provoking elimination. Using a laxative can create the illusion of weight loss, but what you're losing is water, electrolytes, insoluble fiber, and waste. New studies are showing how dangerous senna actually is used in the long term! Your digestive system can become addicted to a laxative, decreasing your natural digestive responses. Exzo Clenzo, on the other hand, contains no senna and has absolutely no laxative effect.

Contains an Expertly Crafted Blend of Superfoods Proven to Support Detoxification

Exzo Clenzo includes 12 natural superfood ingredients all designed for a safe and natural detox, as well as being known for countless health benefits, all safe to also use as an everyday tea. All of these ingredients contain essential nutrients that are beneficial to the body and known to support detoxification and cleanse the body naturally. It's important to note that Clenzo tea is not intended to be used as a meal replacement or a magic solution to burn away the fat. However, our tea is the perfect solution for replacing a snack between meals, and as a beneficial complement to a well balanced calorie restricted detox diet.

Try For Yourself :)

  • NATURAL SUPERFOOD DETOX TEA - Are you Feeling Sluggish, Tired, Unmotivated With a complete Lack of Energy? Our full Body, Colon and Liver Cleanse Tea Will Naturally Cleanse Your System by Removing Harmful Toxins to get you Back to Feeling Great Again.
  • DELICIOUS TASTING TEATOX - Wouldn't it be Nice for a Detox tea to Actually Taste Great Instead of Forcing it Down for Detox Sake? Clenzo is Your Only Answer to an Enjoyable Detox That you can Finally Complete. Non Herbal tea Drinkers Also Love our tea.
  • LAXATIVE & SENNA FREE - Don't you Just Hate Detox Teas That Promise the World yet Leave you Glued to the Toilet Seat? Wouldn't it be Great not Having to Worry About The Embarrassment of Frequent Unexpected Toilet Trips? Clenzo is Safe & Laxative Free
  • AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS - Are you fed up with all the Laxative Flat Tummy Teas Promising Weight Loss Miracles? Clenzo's Made with Natural Ingredients that are Scientifically Proven to Assist with Weight Loss, Reduce Bloating & Suppress the Appetite
  • LOVE OUR TEA OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Clenzo's Been Formulated by Countless Experts to Ensure you Have the Most Safest, Effective and Scientifically Formulated Detox Available. If You're not Completely Satisfied With our tea We'll Give you a full Refund!