How to win our monthly giveaway

Step 1

Repost a photo or video of you using an exzo product on Instagram.

Step 2

Tag and follow @exzo on Instagram and use #BeExzollent

Step 3

Winners will be chosen each month who meet the above criteria to win the giveaway.

FREE Product

Video testimonials (for a limited time only!) will automatically qualify for a FREE product! So be fast and get those video testimonials coming in! :)

P.S. Sharing across multiple social media platforms will also increase your giveaway entries, hence increasing your chances of winning.


Giveaway information


* To enter the giveaway, you must meet all the criteria and steps listed above.

* To enter the giveaway, you must have purchased an exzo product.

* By entering the giveaway you consent to us using your content to use across our website, social media profiles, and for any other marketing or advertising-related purposes we wish.

* Winners will be announced monthly and contacted via the most appropriate means, such as our email subscriber list, email, announced publicly on social media, or contacted privately via DM (direct message) on social media accounts.

* Sharing via multiple social media platforms in line with the giveaway steps criteria will give you multiple entries.

* Sharing multiple pieces of content in line with the giveaway steps criteria will give you multiple entries.

* Free products given will typically be the same product you purchased and entered this giveaway with depending on current stock levels.

* If you have purchased a bundle of mixed products, you may choose any one of those products if you win the giveaway depending on current stock levels.

* You may enter the giveaway with any of our products. Just follow the steps for every product you wish.

* Please also email your videos to us at

* For the limited time only FREE product in exchange for a video testimonial, we kindly asked that you also email through your video to in order for us to verify, and to let us know the website link address to where it's live on your Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media channel. You can send us a link to where it is live online if for any reason we're unable to find it via #BeExzollent. Our support team can then verify your name and all the details, and liaise with you on where you'd like us to ship your FREE product so we can get it out to you as soon as possible using expedited delivery (subject to current stock levels).

* The limited-time free product offer in exchange for a video testimonial may be closed at any time. Whilst running, only 1 claim can be accepted per customer per product. For example, if you have 2 different exzo products and share a video testimonial on both, then you may also then claim a free product on both these video testimonials whilst the offer is still running.

* The limited-time free product offer in exchange for video testimonial entries must also complete the how-to-win steps. You will also be entered into the monthly giveaway for a chance to win again.

* Entry is only valid to UK customers only.