how the journey unfolded

why we started

Eager to find out how exzo all begun and have the time to read? Here you'll find out more about us, why we do what we do, what charities we support, how we're giving back, and where we are going with your help!

📚 why we started 📖

Are you looking to improve your health and finally making the commitment to change? I was the same and did just that, so believe me, I understand! Never making the time for the things that matter most and neglecting our own health inevitably catches up with us in the end. Unfortunately, we always learn this the hard way, and when we very least expect it.

After a long battle of ill health and being diagnosed with arthritis, degenerative disc disease, multiple food intolerances, and an auto-immune condition, I realised my crazy lifestyle needed to change and I needed to start taking my health more seriously. I spent a fortune on private health care and received no help from anyone when I was at my lowest and struggling to walk. 

This led me on a mission to discover all I could about living a healthier lifestyle through natural means, and once I witnessed the power of natures finest superfoods and herbs working miracles in assisting with my own health conditions, I knew so many more people could benefit from the same if they were only willing to accept and be open to implementing them into their own lives.

I personally found it impossible to find health products that were truly natural or suitable for my own health requirements, and after being so fed up of wasting countless hours of my life reading packaging labels just to be sure (and still finding something bad in them!), I was forced create my own.

After positive health results from my own superfood blends then later from friends and family who were eager to try, I just knew I needed to get them out there, so I perfected them with the help of nutritionists, health practitioners, and manufacturers in order to scale up production and make it possible. To not only support my own health and wellbeing, but to also help and support others with theirs.

🤓 why trust us? 🤔

We are exzo, and we’re on a mission to create superior natural health based products that deliver real lasting results using the finest superfoods and herbs that nature has to offer, to not only support our own good health and wellbeing, but to also help and support others with theirs. We promise to deliver only the finest organic plant-based vegan superfoods at affordable prices, whilst also offering something tailored to everyone with our added premium ranges.

👐 why we care 🤗

We knew that if we created a brand of products alongside naturopathic nutritionists and health experts, whilst overseeing the whole process ourselves, we’d know exactly what was in them, where they were sourced from, how they were tested, knowing full well nothing was hidden or added that was not to our liking. It's become our purpose and obsession ever since to keep learning and keep creating exceptional quality superfood health based products.

🌿 be exzollent 😎

We create superior natural health products for people that truly care about their health, and of the ones they love. Our products were created for ourselves and for the ones we love so you can have complete and utter faith in the quality of our products. All of our products are created alongside qualified nutritionists and dedicated health experts with countless years of experience and knowledge in order for us to deliver nothing other than exceptionally nutritious and delicious superfoods.

🍵 please do enjoy 😋

We truly hope you love our products just as much as we all do and can see the dedication and commitment we take in order to bring you such wonderful superfoods. Stay healthy.

🌍 we give back💓

🙌  Every sale makes a real difference! For every individual product sold, we provide life-changing vitamin and minerals to a child or mother in need for an entire year! 💊 🌱 And together we also plant a tree for every product sold 🌳 ♻️ We're also doing our bit for the environment by choosing eco-friendly packaging for all of our products 🌍 All of this is possible because of lovely customers such as yourselves. Thank you! 🙏

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