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I know you’re going to love our Clenzo original detox tea so that’s why I’m offering everyone this incredible opportunity to try us once completely FREE. Our original Clenzo usually retails at over 24.95 and I’m offering anyone who has an Amazon account in the UK to try it on us.

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Yes, I know this is insane, but if you know more about me and why I created exzo in the first place, you will understand my frustration on the whole health industry as a whole, not to mention the dangerous products we're all consuming on a daily basis!

When I started exzo I realised things needed to change. Scammy dangerous detox teas promising weight loss miracles where everywhere and people have been giving these rip off companies their hard earned money for far too long and I really wish they’d wake up and care about their health and make a change. If they don’t care about their health and you’re one of them too, then good luck and enjoy damaging your liver and health. These companies always brag online about the profit they've made and it truly hurts me to see how they've benefited so much from damaging peoples health and not caring about their customers and getting away with it.

If you care about your health and want a quality product, a product based on all natural superfood ingredients and formulated based on thourough testing and scientific research and development then you’ve come to the right place. This is a product using ingredients that no other company is using. A product that is too costly to make. A product which is in a class of its own and the reason we are known for developing the world’s most advanced teas and health products by far.

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I won’t keep boring you with all the details because as you can see, throughout our whole blog I discuss the reasons why I started as well as the amazing quality, hard work, devotion, and dedication that goes into every one of our products to bring you something so incredibly special.

You can also find out the entire heartbreaking truth on the health industry which I have personally witnessed myself which I know you will want to read if you care about you and your family's health!

I truly hope you can support a brand like us who really cares about your health. We use our products ourselves and for our families too, so we would never sacrifice on quality. Not only is Clenzo great, it also tastes great too and non-herbal tea drinkers also love our tea!

Don’t believe us? Just check out all our great Amazon reviews below. Our products and ingredients are being used by countless people to assist with their own health and wellbeing and health conditions, myself included with osteoarthritis. Our products and ingredients are even being used at cancer centers!

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Every purchase will still donate to our charity too so thank you so much for trying, I know you’ll truly love it and wonder why you’ve been using anything else :)

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