Can you Ship to me?


Where do we Ship?

We currently only ship to the UK and 26 destinations throughout Europe shown below;

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.



How much is delivery?

Delivery costs are variable dependant upon destination country so all delivery charges are calculated in real time with our cheapest couriers upon checkout to bring you the most cost effective shipping solution.

  • UK standard delivery of 3-5 business days is FREE
  • UK Expedited shipping is FREE on orders over £49
  • UK expedited is around 3.99 on orders less than £49 (calculated at Checkout)
  • European shipments are all standard international shipping which may be around £6-10+ depending on European location and usually a delivery time of around 4-10 working days maximum.



What does your Clenzo and teas taste like?

It taste's wonderful! If it didn't we wouldn't have been able to release it without the approval of countless tea testers with years worth of experience in the tea industry. All of our teas state on the front the most prominent flavours, so if you're not a fan of these flavours then you may not enjoy the taste of our tea as everyones taste buds are different. Rest assured that we made our tea on the principle of creating a detox tea that actually taste's great unlike anything else on the market and we believe we easily have done just by the countless reviews and excellent feedback we are receiving. If you want a great tasting natural detox tea unlike anything else you've ever tried (that's actually enjoyable!) then Clenzo should be your ideal choice.


Is Clenzo and all of your other products Laxative & Senna Free?

YES most certainly. We do not sell no dangerous ingredients in our tea for false perception of weight loss, the reason why other companies use laxatives in their tea. Laxatives DO NOT detoxify your body whatsoever. Do your research and you will find you have been lied too! Senna is a medicinal herb that is dangerous to your liver with continous use of more than 4 days which you can find out more on our blog. As with any herb it does have it's uses for constipation BUT SHOULD NOT BE USED for more than 4 days. Rest assured, here at Exzo we create premium products based on natural superood ingredients that assist in a real and true detoxification process and are completely safe :)


How are your products environmentally friendly?

Here at Exzo we're strong believers of not just quality but also in protecting the environment we live in. Our Clenzo tea is made from recyclable plastic material pouches, and of our tea bags are packed in environmentally friendly biodegradable meshed tea bags also for convenience. Our premium tea blends are all made from eco friendly grown loose leaf tea ingredients. Most tea you'll find is made from small pieces of cheap blended down ingredients, therefore losing all the quality and being far less environmentally friendly to manufacture.


What is the best way to take Clenzo for detoxing?

It is recommended for best results that you drink 3 cups daily throughout the day for a thorough 7 day super cleanse. Because of the incredible natural ingredients in our Clenzo detox tea, any use is still OK as we understand it can be hard for some busy people to make the time to drink 3 cups per day. Our tea bags are packed in convenient biodegradable tea bags. You may notice a reduced appetite but you still must take your meals, we just advise to use our tea and products alongside a calorie reduced diet.


Does Clenzo or any of your products contain caffiene?

Yes our original Clenzo contains a low amount of natural caffiene from some of the ingredients in our tea. It is a low amount of around 30mg per cup. Clenzo is an incredible tea that has many health benefits, so people also mention of a healthy nights sleep still. We'd recommend drinking your evening cup at least 3 hours before resting. Please check full ingredients lists of all products to be certain before use.


Do your products contain allergens?

Our products are made and stored in manufacturing facilities that handle nuts. We try our best to make all our products dairy, gluten and wheat free, and sometimes caffiene free. Please check the products labelling first before purchasing or consuming any of our products as all the required allergy information will be specified on the packaging.


What quality is the ingredients used in your products?

ALL of our products are made using only the BEST, most naturally cultivated sourced ingredients from across the world. You will not find better than an Exzo product that's our promise, just try them for yourself and you will know by the taste and quality compared to other products you may have used :)