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Superfoods offer a broad nutritional profile which includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, protein, amino acids, macro and micro nutrients, as well as prebiotics. Life can be hard, busy and over demanding whilst trying to work towards living a healthier lifestyle. Superfoods are quick and easy to use and offer a broad range or goodness which may otherwise be hard to accomplish.

Yes! All exzo products only contain organic ingredients! :)

yes they are gluten free. We do not, and will NEVER use any gluten containing or contaminated ingredients in our products!

The only matcha we use is from Japan, which is a premium grade matcha and one of the finest grades we have ever had the pleasure of tasting, and with highest amount in antioxidants from testing. Cheap matchas are cheap for a reason.

Wow, how can we answer that, we love them all!

Yes, everything is, and will always be vegan friendly.

This is really a hard one because I believe every ingredient plays a different role in offering a broad range of nutritional benefits. Other considerations as well as nutrition are important which many don't talk as much about such as sleep, circadian rhythm, and eliminating stress which are well worth studying further. Although my health is still not 100%, superfoods really have done a lot for me and opened me up to a lifelong journey of learning all I can from the experts on health & wellbeing. That being said, after much further research with many health professionals, I now have an obsession with mushrooms.

We only use the finest quality organically sourced ingredients from across the world through farmers and growers adhering to natural organic cultivation methods. We also support organisations dedicated to a fair but sustainable future for our planet and the amazing people who grow the superfoods we love, and this ensures our products are not just highly nutritious, but also amazingly delicious! 😋

This is really are hard one really and dependent on each and every customer. We offer bundles for different ranges, and if you need any help with your particular choice. please just get in touch.

We cannot guarantee anything and you would need to speak to a health professional. Superfoods do offer a source of fibre which has been shown to be great for the gut, some containing prebiotics and probiotics. Depending on your typical lifestyle and food choices, we would suggest you do some private testing as every person is different, see a natural health practitioner, and get your gut tested for food intolerances and sensitivity. Typical food triggers are usually gluten, nuts, soya, sesame, dairy, milk, wheat, barley etc. Other problems could be from a bacterial infection, low stomach acid, enzyme insufficiency, ulcers, gastritis, leaky gut, dysfunctional bile output, or parasite such as helicobacter pylori, candida, dysbiosis to name a few of many! Start with the gut, check for intolerances and food triggers, and build up friendly gut bacteria. I've been down this road and believe it's the best start.

Every product is different and will specify the recommended serving instructions on packaging. Our products have been designed to be enjoyed hot or cold, and to be easily added into your foods, smoothies, drinks, shakes and any other way you prefer. If you need further guidance on any particular product before ordering, please do get in touch!

Yes. All organic products require microbiology testing for toxins, pesticides and heavy metals as standard. Once our products are blended, they are then batch tested again using a third party laboratory to ensure product quality before being packed.

Our superfoods are safe and designed for the for the whole family to use and enjoy. They can easily added into your families daily lives, usually without them really even knowing if you're sneaky 😏 We would however advise that our premium potent herbal ranges be used for adults only as these are highly concentrated herbs. We'd advise you to speak with your family healthcare professional or doctor before using.

shipping questions

We currently ship to the UK and have worldwide distributors.

All orders include FREE Fast 1-2 Day Delivery!

All orders include FREE fast 1-2 day Delivery which means depending on order and cut of times, your order should be with you within 1-2 working days.

In order to get your orders out as quickly as possible, we have partnered with a mixture of fulfilment networks in multiple locations across the UK, so you may receive your ordered items from multiple locations for the same order, although this will not change the delivery times or any shipping costs.

packaging questions

We do all we can to improve our impact on this earth. This means we take our packaging options seriously even though the costs involved in doing so are extremely high! Our glass jars, lids & paper tubes are recyclable and reusable, our pouches are certified compostable where possible, and our labels are biodegradable and/or compostable. The matcha tins we use are recyclable tin plate 😊

Returns and exchanges

Please contact us as soon as possible if's a problem with your order so we have the opportunity to make things right. Please see our refunds & returns policy for returning items and refunds.

yes of course you can as long as it meets the right criteria. Please see our returns & refund policy to find out more.

Please contact us for refund and return requests. Please also see our refund policy.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can get this corrected before sending out! We work as quickly as possible to get your orders out, so we're unable to guarantee that we'll be able to make the necessary address changes in time.

If you have contacted us too late where we're unable to change the address, it's likely the parcel will be returned to us. Once receiving the correct address, we will then require further payment in order to re-send the parcel again.


Yes most certainly! We're always looking to work with likeminded individuals and companies who share the same passion. Please do get in touch.

yes of course you can and we'd really appreciate the support. Why not earn a commission for promoting what you love? Please see our affiliate program for ways to earn.

Yes we do, please check out our affiliate program for more details. Get signed up today, and earn earn money from promoting what you love and help plant more trees

With passion, consistent perseverance, perfection and love to name a few! We make sure that all of our premium blends are backed by science and developed alongside nutritionists, sourced fresh at their best, manufactured in the highest quality GMP, BRC, organic and ISO certified facilities across the UK, to then finally reaching our customers so they can be fully appreciated any enjoyed.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

other questions

Yes, your credit card, payment methods, and personal and privacy information is safe with us and never sold to any third parties, and our website uses SSL encryption technology to protect your personal information during the checkout process. You can visit our privacy policy page to find out more.

Whilst our products are 100% natural and organic and contain no harmful ingredients or other nasties, we would still recommend consulting with your doctor or healthcare professional before using any of our products, and those you are unsure about as we also have a premium highly concentrated herbal range.

Yes we do, please contact us with your requirements.