About us

the exzo story

Exzo was founded in 2014 by Kenny Reid. Through years of self-studying health and wellbeing after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, he was utterly disgraced by the lack of healthy product alternatives available and the deceiving health industry altogether. From receiving such a sheer lack of health support and experiencing first hand how the health industry has manipulated us all, this led him on a mission to create superior natural health based products that deliver real results using only the very best of nature, to not only support his own condition and good health, but to also help and support others with theirs.


Our Promise

To deliver superior natural superfoods at affordable prices. We aim to tailor to everyone.


Why Trust Exzo?


Exzo's a UK based health company that's dedicated to helping customers achieve optimal fitness and health the natural way.

Before Exzo began, we noticed that the saturated health market was lacking one important thing, which was delivering products with high-quality natural ingredients direct from Mother Nature, the type of ingredients that our body really needs for real lasting results and better overall health and quality of life.

Most health products on the market are using cheap and unnatural ingredients, which have been synthetically made in laboratories and extracted with dangerous substances, which is taking away the “natural” from ingredients altogether. Food sources and Ingredients are being grown with dangerous pesticides, which are now today being linked to being the cause of many health problems including cancers.

Detox tea products are being created with dangerous laxatives in order to create the false impression of weight loss because consumers aren’t really aware of what true health is, or what a real high-quality product is. They use a laxative tea and really believe that they have been cleansed when all they are losing is water weight and insoluble fibers from the body and not truly going through the real phases of a true detoxification process, which the body is doing itself every day anyway.

Here at Exzo, we decided to take a route which would be more costly than most and undertaken by little, at an expense of being told by countless people that it simply “can’t be done” and that delivering high-quality products and ingredients in their natural form is impossible.

We disagree, and most of all we are living proof that it can be done because we are doing it! So yes, it can be done and it’s our right to be part of a healthier way of life. If this sounds like it's good to you and aligns with your own health views, then we offer you to join us and support our brand. We offer superior natural based products, that is what we do.


Why we’re different

Once upon a time, everything was organic! Over the years products have been further pushed and outsourced anywhere that can manufacture products the fastest and cheapest, therefore ending up being created in laboratories overseas in terrible working conditions and health and food safety environments.

Ingredients are becoming more and more unnatural by the day, even when the demand for more natural products is on the rise, the demand being higher than ever. Yes, unfortunately, real products do cost more, but what do we really gain from an unnatural cheap product? What do we really gain from ingredients that are poorly grown and hardly even contain any of the nutrients that it should do if it were in its natural form?

Here at Exzo, our team is dedicated to only the best in everything we do and our main aim is creating every one of our natural based products to perfection. This means we start by sourcing the most expensive, most natural and highest quality ingredients available from quality suppliers across the world.

We make sure that all of our premium blends are backed by science, manufactured in the highest quality GMP, BRC, organic and ISO certified facilities across the UK, to then finally reaching our customers in the best and most natural form available, ready for consumption and nothing other than creating real, quality and life-changing results for our customers.


We give to those less fortunate and in need!

We are proud to partner with Vitamin Angels. Every Exzo product you purchase generates a donation that provides life-changing vitamin and minerals to a child or mother in need for an entire year! We are impacting so many lives around the world and it's all thanks to customers like you! Thank you! :)



The benefits

Exzo is a brand you can trust. We create our products with the very best ingredients available to be sourced and create them safely in only the highest quality GMP. BRC and ISO certified manufacturing facilities across the UK which are also organically registered. We care about our customers, our brand and truly believe in helping our customers achieve their required health goals the natural way.

All of our custom product ranges are formulated based on the most reliable scientific studies conducted, and continuous up to date testing helps us create our products to perfection (and yes we’re perfectionists but we simply can’t help it ).

By creating superior natural products, our aim is to push out the cheap and make way for a company that's pushing out the very best quality products available in the UK, by changing the way supplements and health products are made forever! As natural as possible and in a way nature intended us to consume them!



We kindly ask customers to not invest in our products unless they’re seriously committed to good health & willing to pay that little bit extra for far superior products and service.

Ultimately it’s up to you which foods you will want to continue putting into your you own body, but you can trust exzo to only offer our customers nothing short of rreal superior natural health based products. We all deserve better and natural is what we offer.

Thank you for reading and for everyone’s kind and continued support in supporting our brand on our incredibly satisfying mission of an honest more natural way. The best is yet to come! :)

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