The Many Health Benefits of Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Health Benefits of Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

Natural remedies have hit the market in the last few years. Due to the growing realisation of the importance of natural plants and their benefits to the body, more people are consulting age-old wisdom to deal with modern health challenges. Incorporating this wisdom with modern knowledge is producing tremendous benefits for the health and well-being of most people. The present society is plagued with rising concerns on the deteriorating health including the reduced immunity and resistance to diseases, increase in cancers, increased lifestyle diseases and the increased levels of stress, anxiety, and related disorders.

Natural remedies have hit the market in the last few years. Due to the growing realisation of the importance of natural plants and their benefits to the body, more people are consulting age-old wisdom to deal with modern health challenges. Incorporating this wisdom with modern knowledge is producing tremendous benefits for the health and well-being of most people. The present society is plagued with rising concerns on the deteriorating health including the reduced immunity and resistance to diseases, increase in cancers, increased lifestyle diseases and the increased levels of stress, anxiety, and related disorders.

The Reasons Why Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Power Is the "Real Matcha" and Superior to Any Other Matcha Types

The Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea is an herb-laden with many health benefits. The herb is sold as a fine textured powder and has been in use for many centuries. The ceremonial grade matcha tea is the highest quality of green tea available. The production and processing of the Japanese matcha tea set it apart from other varieties of green teas in the market. In the ancient times, the ceremonial grade matcha tea was the reserve of the aristocratic class and the monks. In the present day, the Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea is still expensive. The Japanese variety is most preferred due to its relative safety; the variety from China is more likely to be loaded with high quantities of lead, which is toxic.

How is Japanese Matcha Green Tea Made?

Japanese ceremonial grade matcha tea is made from the young leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Four weeks before the harvesting period, the farms are shaded with bamboo to protect them from sunlight. Shading increases the amount of chlorophyll produced and thus improves the colour of the leaves.

Matcha tea is made from the youngest and finest leaves, which are handpicked for quality. Before processing, the leaves are de-stemmed and deveined then crushed using special machinery to produce a very fine powder.

With premium grade matcha green tea, it is traditionally stone ground by tea masters which takes a lot of time and skill although produces the finest grade matcha available. Not just in overall quality and taste, but also retaining many nutrients what would otherwise be lost with mass machine milling. The rooms in which matcha green tea is processed are maintained at certain levels of cleanliness, temperatures, and humidity where care is taken to prevent the introduction of germs and bacteria into the product.

Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Has Been Used and Praised For Centuries

The Japanese ceremonial grade matcha tea has been in use for centuries by the Japanese monks. For them, the tea provided relaxation, alertness, and calmness they required while meditating. It is not until recently that the world has arrived at the discovery of the importance of the matcha green tea. With rising popularity, you may be wondering what benefits your body derives from the tea and how different it is from other green teas.

The Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea is a carefully selected and processed green tea laden with numerous minerals, amino acids, nutrients, and antioxidants, which provide many benefits to your health and well-being.

The best thing about matcha green tea is its flexibility in use. You can incorporate the powder into your tea, tonics, snacks, cookies, and smoothies. It is a versatile component suitable for a variety of recipes. The ceremonial grade easily dissolves in water due to its super smooth texture.


Matcha tea has the highest content of antioxidants compared to other green teas. Matcha green tea is made by grounding the whole leaf with stone to produce the fine powder. Therefore, it retains most of its nutritional components. The anti-oxidants contained in the tea help in preventing the occurrence of some cancers, chronic diseases and slow down the ageing process.

By increasing the skin elasticity and protecting it from damaging components such as the sun's radiations, matcha green tea improves the conditions of the skin and helps it stay younger for longer. When these anti-oxidants are consumed into the body, they improve the immunity of the body and help it fight and resist infections. One of the important anti-oxidants in matcha green tea is Catechin, a potent antioxidant that helps in removal of free radicals resulting from chemicals, pollutants, UV rays and radiation, which are major causes of cancer.

Weight loss

The Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea contains very few calories thus it is a very healthy choice of beverage to couple up with your weight loss regimen. Matcha green tea increases the body's metabolism, which helps in increasing the amount of fat the body burns. Regular consumption of the tea will help in the body's ability to burn fat and thus help you shed those extra pounds more easily. Matcha green tea achieves this by increasing your energy levels, which helps you do more.

Apart from boosting the metabolism, matcha green tea contains Catechin which when consumed regularly help in burning fat in the body and reducing the risk for obesity. Matcha green tea also reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, which are major culprits for excess weight gain. On a positive note, matcha green tea as a tool for weight loss does not leave you dealing with negative side effects such as increased blood pressure, heart rate or stress. It is a purely natural weight loss device. To achieve the best results with matcha green is best to incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle.

Improved focus and concentration

The Japanese have used matcha green tea for meditation for many centuries. Meditation is a skill that requires a lot of focus and concentration. For most of us, our minds tend to be undisciplined running from one thought to another in quick succession. These thoughts then lead to stress, anxiety, and a chain of other negative effects on the body. Besides, the Japanese monks also required long hours of sitting while meditating without losing their alertness or becoming stressed.

Matcha green tea contains L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that relaxes the mind and body by triggering the production of hormones dopamine and serotonin. While most teas contain this amino acid, matcha green tea has it in a much higher concentration, which makes it ideal for improved brain function, focus, and concentration. When the mind is focused, the learning and memory capabilities are also improved greatly. Matcha green tea improves your focus and concentration without the nervous effects created by caffeine.

Increased energy and endurance levels

Matcha green tea is a good source of long-lasting energy. Matcha green tea contains a superior and energising form of caffeine, which greatly boosts your energy levels when consumed. You may be thinking that you will suffer an energy crash after taking matcha green tea. However, unlike most forms of caffeine, matcha green tea releases caffeine into your body slowly over a long time, therefore, you remain energised and productive for longer.

Apart from improving the amount of energy you have, matcha green tea improves your endurance levels. It is, therefore, an important sports drink' to consume right before you embark on your exercise regime or gym time. Whenever you feel your energy levels sagging, it is time to revitalise with Japanese ceremonial grade matcha tea.

Apart from boosting your energy, matcha tea helps improve stamina and endurance. When exercising or handling difficult and demanding physical tasks, your muscles undergo a lot of wear and tear. The anti-oxidants contained in matcha green tea help the in reducing inflammation in the muscles from oxidative stress due to the rapid activation of the muscles. The green tea also reduces the amount of lactate in the blood during physical workouts.


Are you worried that your body is full of toxins? Are you looking for a solution to your problem but are unsure what to do? The Japanese ceremonial grade matcha tea is the answer. Matcha tea is grown under the shade and receives tender care before harvesting and processing. Growing it in the shade allows it to develop a lot of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an important compound that helps in binding toxins in the body and facilitates their removal. Drinking a cup of matcha green tea daily will go a long way in detoxifying your body. By removing toxins from the body, matcha green tea helps in preserving the health of the liver and kidneys- the two important body organs that play a key role in cleaning up the body.

Stress and anxiety relief

Stress and anxiety are an inevitable part of daily life. Some level of stress is, in fact, healthy for growth and development in our careers and personal life. The problem begins when stress and anxiety go beyond the healthy levels and become a barrier to our productivity. Dealing with stress and anxiety then becomes our major goal. However, the options available in form of medication often leave us with many negative side effects after use.

Matcha green tea is a natural remedy for dealing with stress and anxiety without experiencing the negative side effects of prescription drugs. Matcha green tea contains amino acids that trigger calmness in the brain. By reducing the amount of cortisol produces, the body becomes relaxed and you get a flow of creative energy. Another way through which matcha green tea reduces stress is by triggering the production of dopamine and serotonin, which improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. When your stress and anxiety are hard to control, it is advisable to seek professional help to help you from sinking into depression.

Side effects

The Japanese ceremonial matcha green tea is generally safe for consumption. Too much consumption of matcha green tea is harmful to the liver. Matcha green tea consists of Tylenol, a compound capable of causing toxicity, which leads to the death of liver cells. The risk of liver damage is especially high with some weight loss supplements, which incorporate components of matcha green tea.

When taking matcha green tea, you may experience symptoms such as stomach upsets and nausea especially at the beginning. The nauseating effect may come from the taste of the tea as well as compounds within the green tea. It is important to store your matcha green tea in areas where it has little to no exposure to oxygen to prevent oxidation.

Oxidation of matcha green tea results in the loss of its bright green colour as well as a reduction for anti-oxidants and therefore, reduced health benefits. To prevent nausea from the matcha green tea, consume it cold, reduce the amount of powder you use to make your tea and add some almond milk into your tea. Taking the tea with food as opposed to on an empty stomach will also help alleviate the symptoms of nausea.

What is The Difference Between Matcha Green Tea Powder and Regular Green Tea?

You may be wondering what the difference between the regular green tea and the Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea is. The two have many differences in terms of taste, colour, processing methods and their nutritional composition. The Japanese ceremonial grade matcha green tea is superior to the ordinary green tea in many ways especially due to its nutritional composition and benefits derived from just a single cup.

As you are consuming the whole entire leaf with matcha green tea powder, this could be considered the equivalent of 8-10 cups of drinking regular green tea in tea format. Usually a serving of matcha will be between 30-40mg in caffeine depending on amount typically used and the way it has been grown, prepared, and cultivated from which green tea species used.

Japanese ceremonial grade matcha tea is used in its entirety meaning that the whole leaf is used up into the cup. This means that all the nutrients are taken into the body thus increasing their impact and benefits to the body. Ordinary green tea is however brewed meaning that the leaves in the tea bag are tossed away along with any nutrients they contain. Interestingly, research has shown that it would take about 10 cups of ordinary green tea to get the nutritional benefits equivalent to one cup of matcha green tea. Matcha green tea also contains a higher number of anti-oxidants compared to ordinary green tea. This makes matcha green tea superior to ordinary green tea in detoxifying the body.

So What Does Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Taste Like compared to Regular Green Tea?

The taste of the two green teas also varies greatly. Ordinary green tea tends to have a bitter taste. The ceremonial grade matcha tea is, however, sweet due to the high level of amino acids. The high quality and care is taken during the processing of the ceremonial grade matcha green tea, ensures that the taste of the tea is preserved. However, exposing matcha green tea to oxygen degrades its quality resulting into a colour change to a duller shade of green and development of a bitter taste.

The Differences in Matcha Green Tea Colours to Look Out For

The regular colour for matcha green tea is a bright emerald green while the ordinary green tea is mostly brownish and dull. The colour of the matcha green tea comes from the high content of chlorophyll. Ordinary green tea has a coarse texture compared to the smooth fine texture of matcha green tea. Many Matcha Green teas vary in colours.

The Real Matcha vs The Other Matcha Types?

The higher quality Japanese ceremonial grade will always be a vibrant green colour so be sure to check the quality you're getting when comparing brands as many companies will falsely claim they are selling the real Japanese ceremonial type matcha, when nothing could be further from the truth and it's actually a Chinese or Korean matcha which has been poorly made. There really is a huge difference in quality and taste and you should be paying a higher price for a true quality superior grade that is the authentic Japanese ceremonial grade green tea powder. A cheap price will always give away the poor matcha grades, and based on price regarding matcha really is the key here and you really do have to pay the price if you want the real stuff.

We have searched the globe for the finest matcha green teas, all of which are made in Japan. We settled on our premium matcha green tea powder because it was a mixture of smooth and sweet with a delicious aftertaste. As well as being organic, the way it has been grown is truly incredible. The amount of talent that goes into producing our matcha, and the way the soil is produced really excited us, hence giving such a beautiful truly satisfying taste, all of which we are able to offer for a reasonable price for such quality.

Is it Time to Try a Real Premium Grade Matcha Green Tea?

We hope you enjoy if you do get the chance to try! You can find our organic premium grade matcha here. As it's a premium grade, it is the tea master's choice and therefore graded higher in quality than your typical ceremonial grade. 

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