How to Tell a Healthy Detox Tea From a Dangerous Scam Product

Dangers of Senna in Detox Tea


Cleanses have long been recognized as an effective way to promote healthy weight loss. However, in today's health and fitness marketplace, detox tea has become something of a fad product.

This is a dangerous development, as many product designers and producers are not fully aware of how even all-natural laxatives can affect the body.

Laxatives work by targeting the large intestine, and promoting increased elimination of water, important minerals, and electrolytes as well as fiber and other waste. Natural laxatives are popular among fad dieters, as they provide almost immediate results, primarily due to water loss.

The few pounds taken off by laxatives, however, come at a steep price. Dehydration, mineral imbalances, and lost electrolytes are only the tip of the iceberg. Prolonged use can cause physical dependency and substantial damage to the digestive system.

In addition to being generally ineffective for long-term weight loss, overuse of senna teas can cause a host of digestive issues. Those using it often experience chronic diarrhea, debilitating stomach cramps, and lingering nausea.

These unpleasant symptoms are signs of colon damage, which is a large factor in determining physical dependency.

As the colon and rectum become desensitized, increased use will be necessary to ensure proper elimination. One potential result is pseudomelanosis coli, a condition affecting the intestines that can cause colorectal cancer.

Chronic liver disease and, ultimately, liver and renal failure can also result from long-term use. Several of these conditions can be fatal if left untreated.

A less fatal, but more peculiar, side effect of overuse is swelling in the extremities. Fingers and toes become enlarged and club-shaped. This strange side effect is, thankfully, entirely reversible. The more serious consequences of natural laxative abuse often are not.

When seeking out a safe and effective weight loss tea, check the ingredients list. If it contains senna, a strong natural laxative, take the search elsewhere. A teatox that relies on the laxative properties of its ingredients will not be effective in the long run, and will pose significant health dangers to those taking it for prolonged periods of time.

There is no need to lose hope, though. A detox tea that, instead of relying on laxatives, uses naturally sourced ingredients rich in catechins, an essential antioxidant that helps increase a body's fat metabolism, will be much more effective. Catechins work by attacking adipose tissue, releasing fat from cells and speeding up the liver's conversion of that fat into energy.

Oolong tea is rich in these antioxidants. In addition to speeding up the metabolism, Oolong blends also help to reduce stress. Not only does this make for a more pleasant cleansing experience, but it also helps to remove stress cravings that can cause even conscientious dieters to fail. Look for it in the ingredients list prior to purchasing a new blend.

Other natural substances that promote fat metabolism and weight loss include goji berries, nettle leaf, lemongrass, ginseng, ginger, licorice root, yerba mate, and fennel seeds. None of these herbs and berries offer a magical solution to quick weight loss, but they can help to boost the metabolism and cleanse the liver and colon of toxins. All of these ingredients are formulated into our Clenzo original detox tea which is a completely safe and natural teatox.

Toxin buildup can lead to a variety of quite serious symptoms in addition to difficulty losing weight. Issues like chronic fatigue, skin problems, confusion, and repeated infections are often related to high levels of body toxins.

Those experiencing these symptoms may want to try a liver cleanse or a colon cleanse. Both of these organs help to detoxify the body by cleaning the blood and encouraging healthy elimination. If performed safely, naturally, and without the use of laxatives, cleanses are a simple and cost-effective way to remove excess toxins.

It's important that interested parties know what exactly is in any tea or other product they intend to use for cleansing purposes, though. Many unscrupulous producers of herbal remedies and other supposedly natural detoxifiers are, sadly, taking advantage of this wonderful natural cure's recently rising popularity.

It's important to understand that no substance, whether natural or man-made, is going to provide desired results immediately and without serious lifestyle changes. Detox teas are one helpful tool in losing weight, but they cannot be the only one.

A healthy diet and sufficient exercise must be the basis of any healthy weight loss plan, so consumers should be extremely skeptical of any product that claims instantaneous miracle results.

All in all, the real conclusion comes down to the fact that everyone wants to lose weight with a click of the finger. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth in reality and it's a battle that has to be won by hard work and continual constant effort like anything worthwhile in life.

Please don't keep wasting money and risking your health on the dangerous detox teas and supplement products on the market, stick with a brand like exzo who you can rely on for excellence and safe and natural based products.

Instead of how daunting things can be when attempting to lose weight, think of how great the challenge can be, as well as the enjoyment of keeping fit and healthy and getting back to feeling great again. Healthy foods are enjoyable, although everyone goes for the quick easy route of quick fixees like bad diets and dangerous products.

Please remember that dieting is enjoyable, and when filling your life with great things and natural based products your body will thank you in return. But you just have to stay positve and committed to true health like we are here at exzo.

You can't beat natural, and exzo's by far the closest you will get! Good luck and stay healthy :)