How Clenzo Detox Teatox Can Improve Your Health and Weight Loss

Clenzo Detox Teatox Ingredients


Hello Fellow Tea Lovers! :)

Everyone wants to feel and look a little younger, better and healthier. The environment we live in and the poor choices of food consumed by many people today are filled with toxins that can cause illness, fatigue and a general lack of feeling their best. There are a variety of ingredients in detox tea that offer their own benefits.

Understanding the ingredients that can be supplied in tea will help someone obtain the optimal benefits possible. It’s important to understand what the ingredients in a detoxifying tea can do to the body. Some teas are nothing more than a laxative and others can help common health problems someone has.


This is Where Clenzo Comes in!

Due to the high popularity of our detox tea, you've probably been referred by some other lovely person who loves our teatox just as much as we do. Maybe you saw us on the BBC food shows, the news, or was recommended by your personal trainer, a celebrity, friend, or a health blogger who recommended our wonderful Clenzo herbal tea (and who could blame them!) :)

Incase you've never heard of us, below we'll define why our teas just so darn great & by far the best on the market, & simply why it's the tea you'd be silly to miss out on!

So Why Should Clenzo be Your ONLY Choice For a Healthy Detox? Good Question, Let the Fun Begin! :)

  • All natural ingredients, only the finest superfoods sourced from across the world.
  • No laxative effect - (no unexpected no.2s, yippe!)
  • Full body, colon and liver detox cleanse (No.1s)
  • Delicious taste
  • Formulated by world class research and development teams
  • Real premium loose leaf tea (not the cheap and nasty macerated dust you usually get, this is REAL tea! There’s a HUGE difference!).
  • Biodegradable pyramid tea bags (safe and natural unlike the standard chlorine and chemical bleached tea bags).
  • Great value for money 7-21 day detox
  • No dangerous senna or nasties whatsoever that you usually find in other so called healthy weight loss, dieting and slimming teas.
  • Assists with the removal of harmful toxins from the body
  • Naturally assists with the body’s natural detoxification process and supports phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification.
  • Made with ingredients that are scientifically proven to assist with weight loss, reduce bloating, suppress the appetite, remove water retention, increase energy and help with skin improvements to name a few.
  • dairy, gluten and wheat free
  • full body and liver cleanse
  • supports a detox diet
  • Amazing all round health benefits
  • Can be safely used as an everyday herbal tea because it contains all natural superfood ingredients known and studied for their countless health benefits.

We could literally go on forever about all the wonderful things our tea offers!

What Does Clenzo Detox tea taste like?

Our tea has been descibed by proffesional tea tasters as "A smooth, clean Oolong blend with a wonderful warming ginger and lemon taste."

It taste's wonderful! If it didn't we wouldn't have been able to release it without the approval of countless tea testers with years worth of experience in the tea industry. Our tea states on the front the most prominent flavours, so if you're not a fan of these flavours then you may not enjoy the taste of our tea as everyones taste buds are different.

Rest assured that we made our tea on the principle of creating a detox tea that actually taste's great unlike anything else on the market and we believe we easily have done just by the countless reviews and excellent feedback we are receiving. If you want a great tasting natural detox tea (that's actually enjoyable!) unlike anything else you've ever tried, without having to force it down for detox sake then Clenzo should be your ideal choice.

    Clenzo is Not a Laxative

    Most teas that are marketed for weight loss include the ingredient senna, which is a laxative. While laxative use can make the scales go down a bit on a temporary basis, it is not a real weight loss solution. Laxatives work on the large intestine, promoting elimination after calories have already been absorbed by the body.

    What you lose is mainly water, minerals and electrolytes in addition to fiber and waste. Prolonged laxative use can damage the digestive system, making natural elimination difficult. In addition, it can cause dehydration, and it can upset the balance of electrolytes and minerals in your body.

    Some weight loss teas also contain herbal weight loss supplements that can be dangerous. While green tea itself is perfectly safe to consume, green tea extract in large amounts can damage the liver.

    Other Chinese herbs are also associated with liver toxicity, and ma huang, a Chinese herb also known as ephedra, is known to cause an increased heart rate and cardiovascular problems, in some cases leading to death. While ephedra was banned by the FDA in 2004, products with ephedrine – a chemical derived from ephedra and having the same side effects – are still on the market.

    New studies are showing how dangerous senna actually is used in the long term! Your digestive system can become addicted to a laxative, decreasing your natural digestive responses. Exzo Clenzo, on the other hand, contains no senna and has absolutely no laxative effect.

    Support Detoxification With Exzo Clenzo Tea

    Detoxification is the process of purifying the body by removing toxins. The body naturally eliminates toxins through the liver and kidneys, where the blood is cleaned; through the lungs, where the air you breathe is filtered; through the intestines, where waste is channelled and expelled; and through the skin in the form of sweat.

    However, sometimes the natural processes don’t filter toxins sufficiently, which can lead to many health problems. Detoxification is recommended for symptoms like fatigue, repeated low-grade infections, slow elimination, skin problems, and mental confusion, among other things. Clenzo detox Tea can support a detox program as part of a 7-21 day detox diet by fuelling the body with nutrients and powerful anti-oxidants.

    Clenzo is a completely Natural and Safe Detox Tea

    Exzo Clenzo tea ia an all-natural tea blend that has no laxative effect. Instead, Clenzo contains exclusive Oolong blends that are rich in catechins and other ingredients known to promote weight loss.

    Catechins are antioxidants that boost the body’s ability to metabolize fat. They specifically attack adipose tissue and release fat from fat cells, and they speed up the liver in converting fat to energy. In addition, Oolong tea is high in GABA, a neurotransmitter that works as a kind of natural tranquilizer. Since stress is associated with weight gain, GABA can be beneficial in reducing stress and associated problems like comfort eating.

    Other natural ingredients in Clenzo detox tea include goji berry, garcinia cambogia, pu erh, nettle lea, lemongrass, licorice root, ginseng, ginger root, fennel seeds and yerba mate. All of these contain nutrients that are beneficial to the body and support healthy weight loss.

    Contains an Expertly Crafted Blend of Ingredients Known to Promote Weight Loss

    Exzo Clenzo includes Oolong, goji berry, garcinia cambogia, pu erh, nettle leaf, lemongrass, licorice root, ginseng, ginger root, fennel seeds and yerba mate. All of these ingredients contain essential nutrients that are beneficial to the body and known to support healthy weight loss and cleanse the body naturally.

    It’s important to note that Clenzo tea is not intended to be used as a meal replacement or a magic solution to burn away the fat. However, our tea is the perfect solution for replacing a snack between meals, and as a beneficial complement to a well balanced calorie restricted detox diet.

    Why is Clenzo so Superior to anything else on the market, and how does it work?

    Our tea is specifically designed for a liver cleanse which is the main phase in a true detoxification process. It has been formulated based on science with an incredible amount of ingredients perfectly balanced for a full body detox without the laxative effects.

    Many of the ingredients in our tea have been used over the centuries to detox and cleanse the body naturally, so formulating them together in the way we've done perfectly balances the mix for a full detox, which is also specifically targeted towards cleansing the liver which is one of the main phases of detoxification, hence the reason people then mention of clearer skin and other health benefits.

    Unfortunately, most people associate detoxing with colon cleanses and laxatives, but what detoxing really is is an ongoing, naturally occurring process in the body. Our tea contains naturally cultivated ingredients designed to assist with detoxification in the body by neutralising bad substances that do not naturally occur in the body, therefore removing any bad toxins.

    Many of these bad substances are typically processed by the liver, so it is essential that a detox tea include specific ingredients that can remove these and cleanse the liver which ours has been formulated and designed to do. Our tea will first break down bad substances in the body (which has to be a liver cleanse) then remove these naturally from the body which will then result in more frequent urination.

    That is how a true detox tea like Clenzo works, internally cleansing the body correctly, naturally and safely. Unfortunately most companies concentrate on marketing false detox teas that contain medicinal laxatives and other ingredients that can cause many health problems with long term use.

    Instead of cleansing the body naturally, they strip the body of everything and never result in the true detoxification phases the body needs, therefore never cleansing the liver and never even removing the bad substances that are still in the body.

    What Benefits Can you expect From our Clenzo Detox tea?

    Many of our customers who use Clenzo detox tea report of many health improvements such as;

    • Weight loss without even exercising by using the tea normally.
    • Great, clear and glowing skin.
    • Feeling of satiety & appetite suppressing.
    • Feeling great
    • Energy, focus, concentration & motivation
    • Better sleep
    • Improvements in mood
    • General overwhelming health improvements
    • Flat tummy
    • Reduce bloating

    • Better digestion system


    What Superfood Ingredients are in our Clenzo Teatox?

    Below is a short description on each of the superfood ingredients used in our incredible clenzo detox tea, as well as some other reasons to why they're so amazing for a healthy detox.

    These 11 incredible natural ingredients are sure to get you back to feeling great again and the tea also tastes delicious so you can actually enjoy your detox! They have so many other health benefits other than just detoxing.


    Goji Berries

    This type of berry has been used for almost 2,000 years in Tibet. The berry can treat kidney or liver problems. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Many people that eat the berries today have noticed their hair color restored, improvement in their energy, more zest for life and better sleeping habits and improved eyesight. These berries are rich in antioxidants which reduce the chance for disease to develop in the body.



    A healthy liver is vital to a better quality of life. The liver detoxifies the body naturally on a regular basis. If the liver cannot filter out impurities from the system, it can become diseased and begin to affect someone’s health. Ginseng works as an outstanding liver cleanse. Cleaning the liver of impurities will increase detoxing of the blood.


    Liquorice Root

    This herb is similar to Ginseng because it can increase liver detoxification and increase urinary output. It can increase the bile flow which dramatically improves the detoxification process. Although many people only think of this herb as a flavoring, it has offered medicinal properties for centuries.



    Cleaning the toxins from the body is important. Toxins and excess fat can hide within the body causing depression, anxiety and bowel problems. The toxins need to be expelled from the bloodstream and cells into the colon. Many diseases begin with an unhealthy colon and Lemongrass can aid with a colon cleanse. It can help with gas, diarrhea, and bowel spasms.


    Garcinia Cambogia

    This is known as a tropical fruit and is very popular in weight loss tea. It can suppress someone’s appetite and keep cholesterol level low and blood sugar in check. Some studies have shown this fruit can divert carbohydrates into energy production instead of accumulating fat in the body.


    Ginger Root

    Ginger Root is another great substance that can be found in tea. It’s been well researched for use of irritable bowel, chills, flu, bloating, indigestions, stomach cramps, nausea, indigestion and much more. Ginger is also anti-viral and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can reduce joint pain and prevent internal blood clots. Its major use is for smoother digestion.


    Nettle Leaf

    This plant is extremely beneficial in removing unnecessary toxins. It’s also used as an appetite suppressant and can dramatically improve weight loss and management. This plant has numerous vitamins that can improve the body’s health while feeding the cells.


    Fennel Seeds

    If someone’s feeling sluggish and hungrier than normal, there’s a good chance these seeds can help. Fennel can remove the excess mucous and fat from the digestive tract, allowing the body to absorb the proper nutrients it needs. Combining these seeds with other seeds or herbs can improve weight loss.


    Yerba Mate

    Green Tea isn’t even close to the amount of antioxidants that Yerba Mate tea has to offer. After numerous studies, Yerba Mate was found to contain up to 90% more nutrients that can boost the metabolism than green tea offers.



    Early studies are showing that the polyphenols that are found in Oolong can reduce obesity. These are very important for a society that is struggling with an obesity epidemic. Study participants that ate high-fat and high-sugar diets still reduced their body weight and fat index after using Oolong.


    Why Use a Safe and Natural Detox Tea?

    The newest way to detox should be through the use of a completely safe and natural detox tea such as our Clenzo teatox . Exercise and better nutrition can improve a body’s health, but drinking detox tea can improve a user’s weight loss and overall health.

    Cleansing the body of environmental and food toxins that enter the body has been found to increase weight loss, improve someone’s energy and their mood. If you’re tired of feeling sluggish, have brain fog, or just don’t feel as healthy as you should, detoxing with the use of tea could change the way you feel.

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